Statement: Opposing the Separation of Children from their Families

The separation of families at the United States border has both shocked and angered many Americans, but unfortunately policies of parental alienation are nothing new. For generations, we as a country have turned a blind eye to the plight of Native American and African American families. The United States government continues to exhibit systemic bias in deeming these groups unfit to raise their own children but expanded their efforts to potentially affect all people groups of the United States. Americans believe that the issue of separating children from their parents is just an immigration issue, but actually is a nationwide problem. Federal incentives under Title IV D/E of the Social Security Act have been used cynically to supplement state welfare budgets while separating fit parents from their children.
We have been complacent in trusting representatives in government to treat people, citizens and non-citizens, in a humane and fair way, and government officials continue to fail us. We elected people into these positions to look out for our best interests, and they continuously let us down.
No party is free from fault. Democrats and Republicans have both been silent on missing children in foster care, as well as over 20,000,000 children growing up absent of their biological fathers because of government incentives. Meanwhile the President, as the chief executive of the country, has claimed to be powerless to stop the separations from happening. A president with no qualms utilizing executive orders should certainly be able to ensure that families are kept together both at the borders and within our country.
On Father’s Day, I can’t help but think of those fathers who are left wondering where their children are, how they are being treated, and what is going to happen to their families during this time. The image this portrays to the world about the United States is a deeply negative one. We owe it to all children and parents in our country to show that we will treat children, regardless of their origin or legal status, with compassion and care, not indifference or callousness.