Illinois has recently taken some steps in the right direction by legalizing some medical marijuana, and more recently industrial hemp. We can do more.

I’d like to see not only medical marijuana available to all citizens of Illinois, but recreational cannabis as well. Legalized cannabis creates entire new industries, along with a tourist component that our state could definitely benefit from.

Right now, Illinois is falling apart. We have people fleeing everyday, seeking a better life. Taxes are too high, and it’s pushing home and business owners out. Our pension program is failing. The schools in Chicago are squeezed for funding. Let’s legalize marijuana, and enjoy the windfall tax revenues that Washington and Colorado have seen.

We can’t, however, simply legalize cannabis based on the idea that government wants to spend more - we need to do it for ethical reasons. As Governor, I plan to pardon anyone with non-violent cannabis related offenses and get them back to work and back with their families. These steps will help to create a stronger, better Illinois.