Illinois has more than its share of problems, and we need to work together to fix them.

Our state government needs to balance its budget, and stop wasting our tax dollars on administration and bureaucracy. Our residents need to have the economic opportunity to grow and prosper. And our courts need to work in the best interests of the people of Illinois. And perhaps most importantly, we need to restore the faith of the people of Illinois that their government is accountable to them.

With your support, Kash Jackson will lead Illinois from being billions in debt to being in a position of financial stability.


State Finances


As Illinois bonds teeter on the edge of junk status, it is past time to get our state finances in order. I support a multi-pronged approach to fiscal solvency for the state of Illinois. We need to balance the budget, cut wasteful spending, and reduce excessive regulations, taxes and fees that make starting and running a business difficult in Illinois.


Jobs and Economy


New businesses established in Illinois are the key to a strong economy. We need to remove as many barriers to entry for small businesses as possible. We need to empower Illinois residents to start a business and work for themselves, by reducing taxes and regulatory costs of opening a business in Illinois.


Criminal Justice Reform

I am a firm believer that the state exists to protect its citizens from threats of violence from within, or overreach from the federal government. Our criminal justice system should rehabilitate and reintegrate non-violent offenders back into society. Our courts should respect the rights of the accused, and our family courts in particular need to stop treating divorcing couples as sources of revenue for lawyers and bureaucrats.


Your government should not be able to spend wastefully and rely on you to pick up the tab. The repeated tax rate hikes of recent years have harmed Illinois' economy and reduced your paycheck. Meanwhile, state budget deficits continued while spending increased much faster than the state economy. 

We need to end corporate welfare, freeze property taxes, consolidate duplicative districts, and enable taxpayers to vote on future tax increases via referendum.


I oppose right-to-work laws for the private sector, but public sector unions do not have the same balance of power as in the private sector. Public sector employees should not be required to join or pay dues to a union as a precondition of employment.

Pension obligations to current state employees will be paid. Illinois must not renege on its obligations to state employees. When a contract is signed, it must be upheld. Future employees, and current employees who wish to opt in, should be given 401(k)-style pension plans instead of the current defined-benefit plans.

Public Schools

I would like to see Illinois public schools funded as locally as possible, with tax credits for supplemental private donations. We need to spend our money wisely to make sure our children get the quality education they need.

We need more alternatives within public and private education, so that parents and students can choose schools and methods that will best prepare them for future careers.


I recognize both the right to bodily autonomy and the right to life, and am determined to find solutions that accommodate the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people. To that end, I want to stop the endless fighting around abortion and bring everyone to the table and work out reasonable and practical solutions.

Government Corruption

For too long, the people of Illinois have suffered at the whims of career politicians who use state programs to line their pockets, cover-up their misdeeds and exploit their constituents. I will work with my staff to develop new whistle-blower protection initiatives and incentivize reporting against corruption, wasteful spending, fraud, and abuse within our state government. You should have the power and authority to stand up against people in positions of power when they misuse the authority you gave them, and you should be protected while doing so.