Government Corruption

For too long, the people of Illinois have suffered at the whims of career politicians who use state programs to line their pockets, cover-up their misdeeds and exploit their constituents. I will work with his staff to develop new whistle-blower protection initiatives and incentivize reporting against corruption, wasteful spending, fraud, and abuses within our state government. You should have the power and authority to stand up against people in positions of power when they misuse the authority you gave them.

As a victim of corruption in the Illinois family court system himself, I will institute public, nonpartisan oversight committees for the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) and within the judicial process. Judges should not be able to make new law from the bench, and lawyers should not be able to profit off of kickbacks. No resident of Illinois should suffer because of legal malpractice or judicial corruption.

I will fight for an end to judicial immunity while working to eliminate corruption and defiance of the Illinois or U.S. Constitution from the courtroom bench.