Criminal Justice Reform

I am a firm believer that the state exists to protect its citizens from threats of violence from within, or overreach from the federal government. As a long time defender of Constitutional liberty, he eagerly looks forward to standing up to federal intervention in state matters.

Rehabilitation NOT Retribution: The goal of criminal law should never be to exact vengeance for wrongdoing, but rather to ensure that the same wrongs a person does should never be done again. Upon taking office, one of my first priorities will be to plan the release of all those imprisoned for victimless offenses. Any person who is is not a danger to society should be able to return to his/her family and help contribute to their community and our economy instead of costing taxpayers $30,000+ annually.

These prisoners should be prepared for release with vocational training while working with the private sector so that they have a pathway for success.

The goal of any criminal system should be to rehabilitate and reintegrate non-violent offenders back into society. Being incarcerated while waiting for cases to be heard and non-violent crime prosecution are two of the main factors in Illinois prison overcrowding. No family should be forced into poverty while navigating our state's court system