Meet Kash

A Message From Kash:

Hi, I'm Kash Jackson and I want to be your next governor. 

When I retired from the service, I made Illinois my home. I came here to be closer to my children. I believe that children are most successful when they receive support, nurturing, and strong guidance from both parents. I served my country in the Navy for 20 years. As a retired Navy veteran, I continue to serve this country as a civilian. When I found out the family courts were violating constitutional rights and harming children by separating them from their loving parents, I vowed to continue the fight to protect your rights within this country's borders and within Illinois. I am committed to reforming Illinois so that it is a place your children can be proud of and want to stay. I want Illinois to be a place where they can fulfill their dreams.


About Kash

I was born Benjamin Adam Winderweedle on October 4, 1978 in Shreveport, Louisiana. After serving in the U.S. Navy with distinction for 20 years, I retired in 2016 with the rank of Petty Officer First Class and many personal and unit awards. I have three amazing children: Kolby, Kaedon, and Kaelee. I am a longtime supporter of local communities wherever I was stationed. I have volunteered at local schools, church youth groups, Habitat for Humanity, and as a Reserve Sheriffs Deputy in Lake County, Illinois.

I am committed to reforming Illinois government so that it works for the people of Illinois. I believe that Illinois is ready to unite behind a candidate who will work to change Springfield for the better. I will focus on stabilizing the state budget, fighting corruption, and restoring power to individuals and their communities.

I began my political career advocating for divorce reform legislation. I am currently fighting for you by bringing solutions to Springfield that will reform state law to protect the rights of parents and children in separation and divorce cases. I stood with the Veterans for Standing Rock in North Dakota to fight against Constitutional rights violations. I believe strongly in Constitutional rights, and will fight violations of our rights here in Illinois. 

I will fight to reform the corrupt culture in Illinois politics. I will push to return stability to Illinois' finances and economic environment. I will work to fix our broken education system and return power to local communities. I will work for you, the people of Illinois.